Kutatás – fejlesztés

National Laboratory of Autonomous Systems

Development of a mobile robot serving a self-driving vehicle test track, phase 1 (2021)

Collaborative robot arm integrated on a mobile robot platform with a uniquely designed robot tool. The robot uses the ROS2 ecosystem and its sensor system is implemented with IO-Link industrial communication.
The robot performs the localization task with the GPS, 3D camera system, and a laser measuring device. The 3D camera integrated in the robot arm also helps the system to plan the movement of the mobile platform and the manipulator. The research at the University of Győr was supported by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation. My role in the project as a team leader is to perform the development, design and implementation tasks of the robot manipulator, the robot tool and the sensor system.

University of Győr Center for Higher Education and Industrial Cooperation

Mobile IoT (Cyber Physical Systems) project, acceleration sensor testing (2020).

Mobile robot acceleration sensor testing. Use of robotics laboratory equipment as a test environment.

Test case design, robot programming, data collection implementation. The test was performed on an ABB IRB140 industrial robot that was able to test the device at maximum acceleration. In the project, I had the help of university students who did a programming, test run task with excellent results.